New Swim Lesson Program at TDFFC – Classes Start March 6th

Parent-child classes · preschool classes · grade school KIDS sWIM LESSONS

Small class size and individual attention are the cornerstones of our Kids Aquatics programs.  Our instructor to student ratio is 5:1 for all preschool and beginner levels and 6:1 for our upper levels. Small class size allows more hands-on instruction as well as tailoring each class to the needs of individual students. 

Our goal is to place every child interested in swim lessons into a class.  We may add, combine, move and remove classes to accommodate as many requests as possible.  TDFCC members will have priority in placement.  Please pre-register and pay for each session at the front desk.  If classes are full, please join the waiting list and we will work to place as many students as possible.  If changes are required to your time and class, you will be notified no later than the day before the session begins. 

Please make sure all non-participating children remain at your side at all times.  Parents are responsible for direct supervision of students up to and immediately following scheduled lesson times. Parents of all children not old enough to use the restroom without supervision must remain in the pool viewing area during the lesson. Non-Member participation is limited to lessons only and not use of the facilities. There are NO MAKE-UPS for missed classes.

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Swim Lessons for School-Aged Children Ages 6 and Up


L - Age 6+

PENGUIN (L1): For the non-swimmer. Provides water adjustment activities, safe entry/exit, front & back floats and glides, kick-board/noodle skills.

OTTER (L2): Must be comfortable in water, able to front glide with kick (steamboat) for 10 feet unassisted.

SEAL (L3): Must be able to crawl stroke without breathing for 30 feet, and kick on back for 30 feet unassisted. 

POLAR BEAR (L4): Must be able to crawl stroke with breathing for 20 yards, back crawl for 20 yards (width of pool min).

SEA LION (L5): Must be able to crawl stroke with breathing for 25 yards and back crawl for 25 yards min (length of pool).

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Swim Classes for 3-5 Year Old Preschoolers


PS - age 3-5/potty-trained

GOLDFISH (PS0): For the non-swimmer. Provides water adjustment activities, safe entry/exit, front & back floats and glides, kick-board/noodle skills.

PENGUIN (PS1): For the non-swimmer who can put their face (including eyes) in the water and blow bubbles for 5 sec.

OTTER (PS2): Must be comfortable in water and able to front glide with kick (steamboat) for 5 feet unassisted.

SEAL (PS3): Must be able to crawl stroke without breathing for 20 feet and kick on back for 20 feet unassisted.

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Parent Assisted Swim Classes for 6 Week Old Babies to 3 Year Old Toddlers

PC - parent-child classes/6wks-3yrs

STARFISH (PC): Work with parent and child on water adjustment and appropriate water safety skills.

Each Session includes six 30-minute lessons.

$42 | family membership
$48 | single/couple membership
$54 | non-member

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Tuesday & Thursday Class Sessions

Session 1: March 6 - March 22

Session 2: April 3 - April 19

Session 3: April 24 - May 10

Session 4: May 15 - May 31

Class Schedule

4:30-5:00pm | POLAR BEAR (L4) & SEA LION (L5)

5:00-5:30pm | SEAL (L3)

5:30-6:00pm | PENGUIN (L1)

6:00-6:30pm | GOLDFISH (PS0) & PENGUIN (PS1)

6:30-7:00pm | OTTER (L2)

Saturday Class Sessions

Session 1:

March 10 - April 14

Session 2:

April 21 - May 26

Class Schedule

10:15-10:45am | GOLDFISH (PS0) & PENGUIN (PS1)

10:45-11:15am | PENGUIN (L1)

11:15-11:45am | OTTER (L2) & SEAL (L3)

11:45-12:00pm | POLAR BEAR (L4) & SEA LION (L5)




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Brandon Risley

Brandon Risley joins our team at TDFCC in March and comes to us with many high-level swimming credentials and years in the aquatics environment. 

A recent graduate from the University of Utah in Mass Communication and Broadcast Journalism, Brandon was a Division 1, Pac 12 swimmer specializing in butterfly and the I.M. events.  He began his club level swimming career at 16 and as a high school swimmer won 7 medals, including 2 gold, at OSAA State Meets.  Named one of the top 15 Oregon swimmers in 2011, Brandon was selected to go to the Olympic Training Center in Colorado and earned a top-time award from Oregon Swimming. 

In Portland, he swam for the Portland Aquatic Club where he has been coaching club level swimming for the past two years.  During Summers and breaks from school, Brandon worked for Cascade Athletic Club in both programs and the service departments teaching swim lessons, recreational swim league, kids camps, and kids fitness programs as well as working in the water park and at the front desk. He was also tasked with helping the maintenance department open and close the outdoor pools for the season.  

Prior to swimming, Brandon was a National Level Springboard/Platform Diver and played travel level youth ice hockey.  His love of water also includes waterskiing, wakeboarding, skurfing, and is looking forward to learning to kiteboard in The Gorge this Summer. His passion for kids and sports has led him to seek a Masters Degree in teaching while building a high-level aquatics program in The Dalles, Oregon. His knowledge of all things sports can challenge and rival any hardcore sports enthusiast.  Brandon’s smile and outgoing personality are infectious and can put even the grumpy into a good mood.  We welcome Brandon to our team and look forward to the new recreational and competitive programs he will build for our community and club.